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Crisis & Issues Management

We believe that the credibility and reputation of an organization is heavily influenced by the perception of their responses at a time of crisis. Therefore, having a crisis management plan is imperative for organisation as a 'go to' manual during crisis situations. A solid crisis management plan should include:

  • - Establishing metrics to define what scenarios constitute a crisis
  • - Methods used to respond to both the reality and perception of crises
  • - Communication that occurs within the response phase of
    emergency-management scenarios

At Samanea, not only will we develop a comprehensive crisis management plan for our clients and partners, but we also prepare them via a simulation exercise how to deal, respond and act to emergency situations. In addition, through these emergency response exercises, we will coach our clients and partners how to develop a crisis mindset – enabling the response team to think of the worst-case scenario while simultaneously suggesting numerous solutions.

Brand PR

At Samanea, we believe the role of PR is not primarily to build brands. Rather, it is about building a great reputation that the brand will be perceived positively by all stakeholders. Reputation, which is based on TRUST is a lot more than a brand. A brand is your name, logo, tag-line, symbol or other creative element – how you want others to see or think of you. Your reputation is built through developing trusting relationships between you, your stakeholders and your brand – how others think of you.

In essence, PR is inherently an important tool for building reputation. Building reputation means building trust and to build trust we need to be transparent in all our actions and in everything that we say and do. It means we tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and in so doing we help mold an image of a brand and/or organisation as trustworthy.

To deliver transparency we will carefully select reputation-building activities, specially tailored to suit your area of business and unique stakeholders, and guided by a clear objective we will not only build and manage but with sustained efforts insulate your brand image from negative and damaging attacks.

Media Relations

Typically this means coordinating with the media to get your stories heard. However, at Samanea, we view media relations as a catalyst for business. Our approach to media relations is to use a well-thought strategy based on research. Based on your statement of need, we will develop comprehensive strategies to engage your influencers and other key audiences. Subsequently we will develop messages and stories that are newsworthy before effectively pitching them to the right media platform that would serve you best.

Dealing with the media also presents a challenge in that the published news and/or stories cannot be controlled — the media have ultimate control over what gets out.

Because of this fact, on-going relationships between an organisation and the media are vital. We have seasoned and multilingual media relations expertise who are in constant engagement with key journalists and editors to not only help get your stories out but also preserve the essence of your stories to effectively raise your profile in a meaningful way.

Reputation Management & Government

Reputation is defined as an expectation of value that a stakeholder has of an organization vis-a-vis its peers and competitors.  Reputation management, then, is the management of stakeholder expectations in order to maximize the perceived competitive value of the organisation.

To put simply, it is where we manage the reputation of your organisation and/or brand. But what is not so simple is the process of identifying what other people are thinking, feeling or saying about you and/or your brand. At Samanea, we have developed a strategic method of monitoring how your organisation and/or brand is perceived by your stakeholders.

From there we will identify where and how your organization creates perceived value with each stakeholder and where there are gaps. Our process manages reputation at all touch points. In addition, our research focuses on key reputation metrics.

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