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Nusajaya / UEM Land / PR Consulting

Provided PR Consulting on a retainer basis with UEM Land for the launch of Nusajaya (pre-event through to the post-event), advised on the setting up of the Corporate Communication Dept, and developed the Communication & Media Relations Policies plus content generation, crisis communication plan and media management on a regional basis.

Toyota / CSR Programmes / PR Consulting

Strategic PR Advisory plus full content generation and media engagement for with regards to the TOYOTA Corporate Social Responsibility.

Community - Gaia Project

The Gaia project builds awareness amongst our family, friends, colleagues, partners and clients - our 'Gaia friends' - about the little things we can do and the impact these little things can make to the planet. We advocate the reduction of use of plastics like paper bags and mineral water bottles, reducing our energy consumption, reducing our water consumption through reducing wastage, reducing food wastage, pushing towards being as paperless as possible etc.

Reminders will be sent out to 'Gaia Friends' to show our support for their efforts and gratefulness for being part of our Gaia Project.
It is very clear to us that our beloved planet is under severe stress caused by indiscriminate development and over-population. Gaia Project is a CSR project and supported by SAMANEA. This project essentially encourages each person within our circle of influence to change in little ways that can and will have large positive impacts if done en masse.

Making small changes - we call them small 'e-wins', has proven to
be easier then expecting to be able to make life changing
behaviours which are often driven by tragedy. These small
'e-wins' are more enjoyable when we are part of a group of people
doing the same thing.

To be an official 'Gaia Friend' please register here and let's make the
world a better place for our children and our children's children.

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